X-Ray Insight & Analysis

Our X-Rays are all about connecting data with creativity

Strategy, analytics, and tons of research. We’ll take a deep dive into your brand and make sure your marketing dollars aren’t just a waste of money.

Trend & culture research and events

Sometimes you want to ride the wave, but other times you want to be out in front. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of pop culture and that weird thing kids are doing these days. We’re specialists in millennial/GenZ culture and trends, and host our very own series of HOLLA workshops and events to reflect and learn.


Brand strategy

Creative only flies when it’s standing on the shoulders of strategy. We’ll distinguish the brand positioning and build a strategic road map that highlights all the shortcuts to getting where you want.

The fundament for our strategies is always found in a strong mix of data analysis, consumer research and a healthy slice of common sense.


Communications strategy

Great creative doesn’t need to interrupt or annoy to get attention. We’ll make your existing channels work harder and find new touchpoints with disruptive technology, emerging platforms, pop culture, and everything in between.

We do not just look at paid media. Our ‘post-advertising’ approach is built around sequential storytelling based on a LONG IDEA. We build brands by bringing ‘customer joy’ to all of its touchpoints.


Customer journey mapping

We’ll take a deep dive in identifying your audience, their need states and find the moments that matter. We clearly map out every interaction with every potential touchpoint all the way up to selling and servicing the product. This makes our approach special.


Social & analytics

It’s the science of knowing, and knowing how to do better. We’ll run the numbers and track every meaningful number to ensure your campaign is flying as high as it can.


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