attention academy

An initiative by SuperHeroes, The Attention Academy is a collaborative platform where research, innovation, and international creativity help brands win, retain, and convert a digitally native generation—you know, the ones with micro-attention spans, and millions of options at their fingertips.

The Fight For
Attention Is On!

Attention Academy gives you access to the latest research, curated articles and inspiring workshops provided by a network of experts offering deeper insights and solutions across three key areas:

  1. Culture
    Sometimes you want to ride the wave, but other times you want to be out in front. Our network of GenZ’ers and culture experts have their finger on the pulse of pop-culture and all the weird things kids are doing these days. Gain access to the latest research on behavior, understand the trends shaping societies across the globe.
  2. Creativity
    Creativity has been the staple of great marketing for decades. The challenge all brands face today is how to stay creative in a multi-device, multi-channel world, where content overload has replaced scarcity. Our network of inter-disciplinary creatives takes you on a journey of inspiration, where you will learn all about creative answers from all over the world.
  3. Reach
    Media planning is the unseen genius that helps great ideas spread, brands grow and products sell like pancakes out of virtual and physical store shelves. But, how to reach an audience that is keen to avoid your ads at all costs? And how to build a journey in an age where prospects are the ones who choose when and where to interact with your brand?

Ready to boost your brain cells? The Attention Academy is now in session. We publish, host events, organize a range of workshops and speak at conferences with attention grabbing perspectives.

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