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We’re looking for a designer to make 2020 (and beyond) look awesome.

We’re in the business of attention grabbing. Especially when the world is in turmoil like now. And for an agency like us, design just might be the most important tool we’ve got to capture eyeballs.

That’s why we’re looking for a DESIGNER that will bring an endless feed of cultural reference points. You are tech, fashion and pop culture savvy.

It’s as if you grew a social thermometer as a 6th digit on your hand and know exactly how to bring this design thinking to our agency and our beloved brands.

You’ll be at the heart of our Amsterdam team that spans fourteen different nationalities and are, individually and collectively, specialists in the fields of digital, film, social, design and motion, old school print and even practical jokes. We do this for an amazing international roster of clients, like MTV, Lenovo, The North Face, Quinny, Vans and Zalando.

Your role is to make our creative concepts and campaigns pop from any screen. As a designer you’re constantly aware your assets will live in a landscape where a thousand visual triggers are screaming for attention. With your design skills you ensure people choose to watch our experiences and love to share it!

What do we ask from a designer like you?

  • Within SuperHeroes, you will execute all forms of graphic design (for digital, video as well as print)
  • You are tech, fashion and pop culture savvy
  • You have a mid-level experience at creative agencies, brands or studios.
  • You are like the Mr Miyagi of graphic design to the rest of our team (if you train them well, your colleagues will eventually wax your car.)
  • You have a good sense of humour, but more importantly: you can deal with ours 😉
  • You can already show your own signature in some outstanding pieces of design
  • You’re gifted with an incredible eye for detail
  • And you even have another eye left that keeps a close look at the ever-changing world of innovation, creativity and design
  • Together with the design department, you will safeguard our clients’ visual identities
  • To you, Adobe Creative Suite is like a stack of toys.
  • Other soft- and hardware skills are definitely a plus.
  • You are fluent in English
  • You occasionally help an old lady cross the street

What will you get in return?

Next to dodgy sketches coming from our copywriters, we have lots to offer:

  • A full-time job in Amsterdam that gives you a chance to work on global brands
  • You’ll be surrounded by an amazing international team of creatives, strategists, developers, motion graphic designers and client managers
  • You will become a Superhero (isn’t that just awesome?)
  • You will work in our hideout (most of the time) at the most royal one of all Amsterdam canals
  • You’ll even get a decent salary.
  • And if you prefer a mouse over a stylus, we’re OK with that too.

Interested? Make sure to send your motivation and portfolio before June 30th to

SuperHeroes AMS | NYC | SGP is an international creative agency with a digital DNA that develops highly intelligent, creative and effective campaigns geared to getting attention from a digitally native generation—you know, the ones with micro-attention spans, and millions of options at their fingertips.

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