Finding magic in the ordinary

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Zalando Be Extranormaal


Inspiring Dutchmen to find their fall/winter style at Zalando, the destination for fashion liberation.



Dutchmen aren’t known to be the most fashion-forward. They like to play it safe. So how do we challenge that?

Being conservative when it comes to appearance isn’t shyness. There’s a famous Dutch saying: “Doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg.” When translated it says “just be normal, that’s already crazy enough”. It’s a deeply rooted cultural truth that every Dutchman is raised with.



Zalando “Be Extranormaal” encourages Dutchmen to embrace who they truly are. It’s a fashion campaign that brings the most stylish fashion of Zalando to the most ordinary places in The Netherlands. Why not look your sharpest while mowing the lawn?

“Let's flip the script on the definition of normal”