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August 1 | 2019

Attention Academy: the secret weapon to win eyeballs

Liselotte van der Lugt

The fight for attention is on! Does a budget-busting brand video ever stand a chance when YouTube blasts out 5 hours of new video every minute? And will a clever social campaign get noticed when Instagram unleashes 95 million new posts a day? Plenty of existential reasons for founding Attention Academy…

We’ve entered the “Post Advertising” age where consumers are curating their own content and trashing anything that’s not relevant. Instead of fighting this reality, let’s embrace it.

SuperHeroes is initiating Attention Academy: a collaborative platform where research, innovation and international creativity will help brands win, retain, and convert a digitally native generation— the ones with micro-attention spans, and millions of options at their fingertips. 

We are developing our Attention Academy offering. It will give you access to the latest research, curated articles, and inspiring workshops provided by a network of experts offering deeper insights and solutions across a number of key areas. 


  1. Customer Joy 

Step into a time machine for a new perspective on the future of customer experience. One with less clutter and more joy. Get the tools to interpret behavior, identify need states, find relevant touchpoints, and start decoding the modern consumer’s complex decision making process. 


  1. Zero Waste Media

Media planning is the unseen genius that helps great ideas fly and convert. But what if people are avoiding advertising? And how to build a journey for your audience without telling them when to start? We provide access to the latest research and curated content to make sure your media dollars aren’t just a waste of money.


  1. X-Ray Today 

Sometimes you want to ride the wave, but other times you want to be out in front. Our network of GenZ’ers and experts have their finger on the pulse of pop culture and that weird thing kids are doing these days. Gain access to the latest research in audience behavior, track trends and find out how you can start connecting the dots between data and the gut. 


  1. Attention Design

Great design is more than eye candy, it brings ideas to life, and can speak the language of a digitally native generation. We’ll help train your critical eye and show how a clever visual experience will persuade your audience to remember and respond.


Ready to superboost your brain?

Attention Academy is now in session!

We are now kicking off and will be releasing the names of contributors in the upcoming months plus our agenda of workshops and events. Stay alert! 

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