September 3 | 2019

OVERHEARD: Not found on Google? Here’s why.

Curated by: Liselotte van der Lugt

Are you still trying to be found on Google? It. just. doesn’t. happen. always. We spotted a super interesting article about the zero-click search…

Why? Because Google sometimes deliberately shows results that are not what you’re looking for, or it will show you results that will further direct you through its own imperium (Google Maps, YouTube, mail, translator, flights, weather subdomains of Results from Jumpshot show that only less than 50% of Google searches results in a click. That means that over half of the people that search for something do not find what they’re looking for. The amount of ‘zero-click searches’ is increasing, in particular on mobile. This is an interesting insight since paid search spend has grown 10% globally year over year.

But if Google isn’t showing your digital presence when your audience is searching for you, how will your people ever know your brand exists? 

We believe brands should create post-advertising opportunities, and here’s a great example for which no media buy was used. LEGO’s launched a campaign for it’s new Lego Space set, and had former NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino unbox the LEGO Space sets in zero gravity. Well, you can imagine how that turned out. LEGO also challenged influencers to put the pieces of the Lego City Space together creating more buzz and engagement than paid media could have ever done.  

Read the full article here.

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