November 27 | 2019

Unexpected brand collabs: Star Wars in your kitchen

Author: Geoff Desreumaux, Head of Strategy, New York

“These are the pots you have been looking for.”

While some industries – fashion, for example – are well accustomed to such partnerships, brand collaborations are not as common in other verticals. Yet, they are a great way to break through the clutter and reach new audiences.

When it comes to brand collaborations, there is a theory: associate yourself with a brand that is relevant to your audience, offer something they need and from which you can gain a new audience for your own product or service. And when you are lucky enough to establish such a partnership, then you need to market it.

Some collaborations, however, work for themselves by creating a need that perhaps did not even exist before. Such synergies are more common in the fashion industry where designers and celebrities of all kinds often use their fame and social currency to monetize partnerships with brands. In the US, but also globally, H&M is spearheading the collab-movement, having collaborated with designers from Lanvin and Giambattista Valli to Comme des Garcons and Erdem, bringing the perfect mix of high fashion attitude and high street prices to its customers.

But how often do these partnerships enter your kitchen? Except from celebrity chefs, who else could make you want to buy something to improve your culinary skills? This is where unexpected collaborations work best.

A few weeks ago, Le Creuset, the renowned French luxury cookware brand, launched a new line of cast-iron pans and other Dutch ovens dedicated to Star Wars. It took the media and press world by storm, getting coverage in outlets that would normally never write about cookware or kitchen appliances.

Within days, tech, gaming, marketing and lifestyle publications were sharing images of the Darth Vader Dutch oven, Death Star & Millennium Falcon silicone trivets, or other Han Solo carbonite signature roaster, capturing the attention of Star Wars fans across the globe.

It was so successful, that this week Williams Sonoma released a new collection of the (famous) Instant Pot, dedicated to the most iconic characters of the Star Wars trilogy.

So whether you are on the more traditional side of culinary experiences or prefer simpler and faster pressure-cooking solutions, Star Wars could be the reason why, for the first time of your life, you will consider buying a $300 Dutch oven or a $119.95 Instant pot.

May the force be in your kitchen.


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