July 8 | 2011

3D Cinema Commercial: The Hand

SuperHeroes is proud to announce that we have a spot that’s showing in cinema theatres, but it’s also being screened in stereoscopic 3D! That’s right, if you’re lucky enough to be in the Netherlands you should go to the movie theatre and see the spot!

Being the nice guys that we are, we’ve included a non-3D version for your viewing pleasure.

The Nationale Bioscoopbon (the Dutch Cinema Gift Voucher) logo/branding has a hand coming through the silk screen that gives you a voucher for a free entrance. Our main idea was to show where the hand comes from, and to give the hand some personality. Not only is this a twist on the Bioscoopbon’s past commercials, but it sets a fun and playful tone not seen before.

Enter our protagonist, a man who will do anything to launch his career. As it happens, his first gig is to dress up as the hand that’s attached to an enormous slingshot. Next to him is his manager, who not only assures him he’ll be fine and it’ll be a big hit, but also places the larger-than-life replica of the voucher into the Hand costume.

What you see next is the hand ripping through the silkscreen – quite a sight when looked through 3D glasses.

Being on set was a lot of fun – a quirky atmosphere due to a huge hand around us, and the excitement of shooting in 3D. Bonus fun for being able to preview the 3D on the spot!

Here’s a behind the scenes we shot and edited – enjoy!

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