November 16 | 2015

8 steps to conquer hearts with Instagram Advertising

October this year Instagram finally rolled out its advertising possibilities platform to every advertiser in every country. They started off slow, taking all the time to test and optimize and for the Instagram users to get accustomed to the sponsored posts. Since then, Instagram Advertising has taken flight and is becoming a very relevant and interesting platform to serve your message.

So before you start, what do you need to know?

  1. Don’t create ads. Create relevant content.
    Instagram users never asked for ads. They use it by scrolling through interesting visual content that fits with their world. They pay attention if there is a match with their ideas or their lifestyle. They don’t pay attention or even start trolling if some brand interferes with their daily habits.
  2. Always think like your ‘target group’
    Start with defining your target group on Instagram. Are they present on Instagram at all?  Then find out exactly what they like, who they follow, how they interact. Unlike Facebook, hashtag research is a great method here.
  3. Message > visual
    Define your message and find a creative way to visualize it, in one image, in more images or in a video. Great visuals is a MUST on Instagram, far more so than on Facebook. And never forget your target audience. For whom am I creating this visual+copy? Why would they <3 my post?
  4. Customize your bio
    Customize your bio based on your current campaign message. With your posts, you will gather more followers, give them the correct information they need that first moment. The greatest expression of their Instagram love is that they will start following you.
  5. Keep your copy short 
    Keep your copy short, best is not to see the ‘read more’ with the inevitable 3 dots…
  6. Crowdsource your content.
    On Instagram crowdsourcing your content is like an unwritten rule. Search for a great visual within your target group and give that photographer a stage. Or ask your followers to submit photos and create a campaign around that.
  7. Either they love you or they hate you.
    Start with a small budget, experiment, and very important: keep track of the comments. On Instagram people either love you or hate you for your advertising. They tag their friends to share your post, or they post negative comments and will never want to see anything again.
  8. Instagram is not a standalone.
    It’s nothing new, but here’s just a reminder: a social media channel is not a standalone for your marketing campaigns. Whether you have a tiny message to share about an event, or it’s an always-on story for brand awareness, always try to find more ways to reach your target audience. Not just with one square photo and a few hashtags on Instagram.

On every social channel the relationship you build with your potential customer, your follower is fragile and you need to cherish it. So optimize your Instagram ad campaigns, monitor them closely and know what to do when a post is not performing as you were hoping it would.

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