September 3 | 2019


How cute and furry is taking over our feed.

Pets. You could call them the superheroes of the internet. What is it about these furry friends that makes them so dang watchable? Why does ‘Cats vs Cucumbers’ get more views than every commercial ever made? How can a dog with an overbite named Tuna get over 3 times the amount of followers than the guy from the Old Spice ads, whose name you probably don’t even know?

Somehow pets always win. And because at SuperHeroes we’re saving the world from boring advertising, we decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, join them!

We’re turning ADNIGHT into PETNIGHT.  


October 4th (world animal day) from 6 pm and onwards



SuperHeroes Hideout @ Keizersgracht 585, Amsterdam

— — —

This event is part of ADNIGHT 2019! For one night only, creative agencies open their doors for a night of inspiration, networking, and drinks.

See the full ADNIGHT program and get your tickets here or check out the event page on Facebook.

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