August 12 | 2016

Are you our next Dutch sidekick?


We love to put flags across the globe when it comes to joining our lunch table. At this point we work with a dozen nationalities. This includes a Norwegian design badass, a copywriter from Minnesota and a Swedish art-director. However, we need to balance out the cycling, liquorice treats and our knowledge on cheese.


That’s why we now call out to Dutch interns. Our creative department can use some Dutch skills. Copy, art, digital, ping pong. Whatever. You are a devoted creative who wants to earn its way into the creative industry.


As an intern you’ll be working on the same briefs as the rest of the team. This means you’ll be tasked with developing mind blowing ideas for our Dutch and international clients. You’ll learn to master your superpowers with the help of our senior creatives, developers, designers, strategists and creative directors.


Are you looking for a 6 month internship? Can’t wait to start at our hideout in Amsterdam? And do you know how to eat a tompouce? Then introduce yourself (and perhaps your teammate) in the best way possible at Imposters will be judged too, honestly.





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