October 30 | 2019

Be Extranormaal with Zalando


Dutch men aren’t typically known for their fashion-forward, disruptive style. Navy blue and plain jeans reign supreme, and any behaviour considered a bit too avant-garde is swiftly stopped with the phrase, ‘doe normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg’. But what is normal? 



With the launch of Zalando’s A/W 2019 Menswear collection, we at SuperHeroes wanted to push the boundaries of what is considered ‘normal’. Inspired by the oh-so Dutch saying ‘Be normal, that’s crazy enough’, we decided to go one step further – and Be Extranormaal. 



The most stylish pieces from Zalando’s new menswear collection were injected into the most ordinary locations surrounding Amsterdam, resulting in a campaign which feels subversive and yet specifically Dutch.



Fresh, modern styling positioned against traditional Dutch landscapes provide a poignant juxtaposition between old and new, promoting not a rejection of tradition, but its redefinition. 



With the ‘Be Extranormaal’ campaign for Zalando, we wanted to play on a typically Dutch phrase and encourage men to embrace their true identities, to make their own style, to challenge the status quo and to redefine what is ‘normaal.’



Campaign photography: Noël Loozen
Behind the scenes photography: Elmer van der Marel
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