December 16 | 2019

BinckBank choses SuperHeroes as lead agency

The brand campaign is called “#CrazyAboutInvesting” (In Dutch: “#GekOpBeleggen”) and shows Binck’s relentless passion for the stock market. Each ad draws attention to investing in a clever way. Ultimately, anything in the world can be related to investing when you’re so crazy about it.

SuperHeroes brings back the Binck mentality

BinckBank was founded in 2000 as the first online investment bank in The Netherlands, challenging the big banks with low rates and an easy-to-use online platform. Now, 20 years, 5 countries and over 600 employees later, BinckBank wants to re-install their unconventional take on investing and grow its client base.

Jon Thissen, head of E-commerce, Marketing & Communication at BinckBank: “With SuperHeroes we found a specialist who looks at advertising like we do at investing. Passionate, with creativity at heart and always keeping performance in mind.”


Crazy About Investing in every step of the way

The campaign has gone live on the brink of a new year. This means that we can immediately use the new year’s fresh momentum to talk about investing. Clever radiospots look back at a brilliant year for investors, with low interest on savings and thriving stock markets.

Digital dynamic billboards alongside the Dutch highways use traffic data, time of day and locations to show personalised messages.

Online display ads on news sites use the context of financial news to show Binck’s expertise for investing.

Keep your eyes peeled in 2020 to become #CrazyAboutInvesting yourself.

– Translation: “We are #CrazyAboutInvesting. With each article we read ‘opportunity’.”

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