July 3 | 2015

Bring out the popcorn: here’s your new dating app!

The recent surge in mobile dating apps has made meeting new people more accessible than ever. Research also suggests, it stimulates one-night stands and casual encounters. But despite all this, finding someone to simply spend quality time with at home, is still proving difficult.
We proudly present our newest project by our innovation unit  Super Powered:Netfling – the app that brings dating and binge-watching together.

The mechanism behind the app is simple: upon gathering information on a user’s most-watched TV shows and films, Netfling will display other users that are potential matches. Nowadays, binge-watching TV shows together is a key element in relationships. Selecting Mr. or Mrs right  based on favorite TV shows could make the dating game a little more cozy.

Netfling is an inspirational concept by our innovation unit Super Powered. The unit superpowers everyday objects and creates its own slew of projects and ideas to stir up the status quo. Another recent project by Super Powered was the Type to Design web tool, which recently featured all over the globe.

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