May 10 | 2011

Dance with Bashir!

Just released, a project we’ve all been losing a lot of sweat on the last couple of weeks. Literally. But it’s been good exercise! With some groundbreaking tech stuff (using Magic Bullet’s advanced webcam motion pattern recognition and some awesome morphing by our Super Fred), you can now dance with Bashir in true Bollywood style.

How it works? Your webcam recognizes your moves and Bashir copies you. It’s a great interactive video experience.

We would like to express some great thanks to KesselsKramer for collaborating on this one. And not to forget Roel & Bas from Wefilm, the Swedish sound magicians of Dinahmoe and last but not least Lisette and Noortje of Ben. And now, spread the dance!

Warm up those dance muscles at

Note august 2011: the campaign has ended. Another great digital project lost for mankind. Unless… Here’s theĀ archive address!

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