August 19 | 2013

Diesel gets top mention in Intelligence Report

Okay, we do quite a lot of fun stuff. But don’t be fooled by it. We’re a very strategic bunch as well…

Since almost two years SuperHeroes is sharing its superpowers with Diesel. Apart from campaigns and activations, we globally manage all of Diesel’s social platforms. From Facebook to Twitter, from Pinterest to Google+: all of Diesel’s irreverent postings are finding their way from our hideout to the world.

Growing in less than 2 years with 2,5 million Facebook fans, and still reaching tremendous engagement rates, we’re proud to announce Diesel has now been acknowledged by the renowned L2 Intelligence Report as a top 3 global top prestige brand performer on both Facebook and Tumblr.

Being Brave pays off…


The L2 Intelligence Report on Social Platforms examined 247 global brands and 15 platforms to provide insight into all aspects of the social media landscape. If you want to know more about it: go here.

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