December 6 | 2012

Diesel: The Magic of Christmas

Holidays are coming! Holidays are coming! What would Christmas be without brand advertising brainwashing you to buy Buy BUY!! This Christmas, to celebrate all that is good, we took a leaf out of the Coca Cola’s book of festive advertising. And we literally dived deep inside the minds of a group of good-looking Diesel types to bring to life that wondrous Christmas feeling.

To bring back the true feeling of Christmas, we hypnotised people to believe they were 5 years old again and then woke them up on Christmas morning in the Diesel store.

The trilogy of 3 films takes you on an epic journey through Christmas morning with the most amusing REAL results. ALL REACTIONS ARE REAL AND GENUINE.

December 6th

In Episode 1 – The Anticipation, they awake from their hypnotic slumber, on Christmas morning (in their heads), and we leave the rest to them.

December 10th

In Episode 2 – The Joy, we see our children open the Diesel gifts in nothing short of delirium.

December 13th

In Episode 3 – The Goodwill, we see what happens when all the gifts are open and the envy sets in.

The project was devised by SuperHeroes to promote Diesel’s new Christmas gift selection and to add a touch of self-irony to the Diesel Christmas gifts and material, which was based on instore playing cards, dice and magical elements. Follow Diesel on Facebook – we have a whole month of content to support the campaign including a series of Christmas cards and a hilarious ‘Behind the Dreams’ film out late December.

Interested in the gifts? We built the most joyful overview on Time to pick yours :).

The films are produced in close collaboration with London based Skinflicks, with directors The General Assembly.

The wonderful hypnosis was performed by the astounding Headhacking team, Anthony and Kev (Anthony is the hypnotist in the videos).

More episodes coming up. Enjoy the show!

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