July 24 | 2023

Digital street art campaign pulls in huge numbers

What started as a thumb-stopping product launch for Lenovo Yoga, has become a steady stream of always-on content that found the sweet spot with our Gen Create audience.

Sure, many social creators just dance or post silly memes, but there’s a growing community of highly-skilled creators that young people really look up to. We tapped into this rich network for a social-first creator led campaign to launch the Lenovo Yoga Pro. The mixed reality executions demonstrated the amazing 3D power of the device, and also transformed Lenovo into a brand people love and want to engage with.


The physics-defying digital street art content was seen by over 250 million people and generated over 1.5 million likes, comments and shares. This new brand love translated to sales as well, with a 3% increase in brand lift, 4% increase in willingness to pay more, and Lenovo.com seeing a 66% increase of Lenovo Yoga YTD sales around launch moment.

Our digital street art campaign has been an unprecedented launch success, and has built a renewed interest with a super hard-to-reach audience. Want more? We’re keeping it fresh with new content all summer long.


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