November 1 | 2023

Digital Street Art dresses up for Halloween

If you saw a giant pumpkin called Gourdzilla rolling down a city street, or an Architectural Digest-worthy jack-o-lantern house on your social feed this week, you’re not dreaming. Lenovo digital creators just dove to the depths of their imaginations to create delightfully spooky digital art.

This October, Lenovo tasked a group of young artists — Danny Behar, Camyl Buenaventura, Sam Shea, and VoidzTo — to create playful mixed reality art pieces that bring the spirit of Halloween to life. Using the power of the Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i, the artists transformed real-world environments into suspenseful, stunning, and spooky digital scenes. 

After posting their mixed reality art videos to social media, the artists followed up with behind-the-scenes breakdowns highlighting how the Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i helped them to create their eerie digital street art. 

Since launching the videos, the campaign has generated significant buzz online, with coverage in AdWeek and AdAge. This engaging October activation shows how Lenovo empowers young creators and fuels their creativity. We can’t wait to see what they think up next.

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