July 3 | 2013

Distill an Idea: the Volkskrant Creative Press Challenge

Great projects coming out of the SuperHeroes hideout! Here’s a really special one, called the Creative Press Challenge for the Volkskrant, one of Hollands’ leading news papers. 

The Creative Press Challenge is a competition that takes advertising back to its core; it focuses on on print as an advertising medium pushes for the purity of ideas.

Creatives are challenged to strip an integrated campaign down to a single print ad, in which the true strength of the idea should unfold… 

SuperHeroes was part of a team of incredible creatives making this film work.

Our fellow hero Thijs Biersteker did the creative direction, together with the lovely Corriette Schoenaker. 

We chipped in our post production and VFX skills. The SuperHeroes motion graphics department is powering up to levels never seen before, and is profiling itself in an amazing way again. 

Here’s some further insight in the how-we-did-it. We used our super secret powers to control the density of smoke and shape it to a dragon’s body (amongst other effects). Here’s a breakdown of our development process (for the curious, our hero Fred has a technical writeup on his blog):

The full credits, a great collaboration of:

Director: Corriette Schoenaerts

DOP: Hessel Waalewijn

Creative director: Thijs Biersteker x Nomadic

Copy writer: Pieter van den Heuvel

Art Department: Dirk & Hans x Jelier & Schaaf

Light: Mick Durlacher

VFX: Superheroes Amsterdam

Editor: Will Judge x The Gentlemen’s Club

Grading & compositing: Scott & Lise x Glassworks

Audio post & sound design: JONS

Music: Amp.Amsterdam

Production: Yasmin x UNIT c.m.a.

EQ: 711 Rent, Golden Eye

Studio: Allard Studio’s

Special thanks: Cam-a-lot

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