April 11 | 2022

New nationwide US campaign for DoorDash DashPass for Students


SuperHeroes and MikeTeevee develop campaign for food delivery company DoorDash to launch DashPass for Students – a subscription service for US college students that is “So Worth It”, with a playful, relatable creative campaign.


It is the number one question on Reddit; is it worth it? In a world filled with hard choices, tough calls, and 50-50’s, college students especially are super skeptical when it comes to signing up for new subscriptions. They are incredibly busy and on a tight budget, and the baseline is: they just want to know if it’s worth it.

We used this insight as the starting point to create a campaign that showed all the different moments in US college life where having DashPass for Students is So Worth It.


“So Worth It”
DashPass for Students is the new membership plan for college students that unlocks the best of the local community both on and off campus. It essentially pays for itself in one order! To communicate this in a new campaign, we worked in close collaboration with MikeTeevee and DoorDash Creative Studio in highlighting playful and relatable moments in a student life when the easy choice proves to be the best choice.

The campaign consists of an extensive series of TVCs, online videos, social assets, Spotify advertising and on-campus activations. Each represents a moment where DashPass for Students is absolutely worth it – avoiding your ex in the dining hall, rewarding yourself post-leg day, or just needing a study break.

Capturing the GenZ audience
To really capture the flavor of Gen-Z college students, MikeTeevee conducted an extensive search for a student director who not only understood this world, but was part of it. After getting dozens of promising portfolios and treatments, and interviewing the finalists, we ended up tapping Julie Piscina, rising graduate student at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, for the campaign. We caught Julie on set and asked her whether she was nervous for her first commercial shoot.


Watch all the videos on Vimeo here

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