May 5 | 2017

Considering Solar panels? You’re sold in 6 seconds


For Essent, one of the largest energy companies in the Netherlands, we launched a 6-second bumper campaign that takes down barriers around buying solar panels. The campaign is aligned with YouTube’s new bumper ad strategy and follows our SuperClose model. It’s the first videos series we’ve made for Essent after winning the account.


Buying solar panels is a process of years for most people. What is the actual investment? What is the time span of earning back your investment? Which panels are suitable for your situation? How many panels will fit on your roof and who is a reliable installer? By using sequential storytelling we address all possible barriers that stop people from installing solar panels – inspiring them to wait no longer.


The new campaign builds awareness and pairs it with conversion with snack-size digital content. Check out the six second bumpers on Youtube, Uitzendinggemist or Facebook. The bumpers are complemented with a series of adjacent banners and social ads.


For this campaign we closely collaborated with SearchResult, Mediacom and Etcetera.




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