September 14 | 2023

Fenty x Puma tap digital street art collective JIMMY to launch new sneaker

It seems we’ve only just launched JIMMY, SuperHeroes’ brand new digital street art studio, and we’re already getting to share our first work.

Oh, did we mention it comes by way of Fenty x Puma Worldwide, with the goal of announcing the renewed partnership of Fenty with Puma Worldwide for an upcoming sneaker launch.


The brief revolved around a very real installation they were planning in New York, where two giant silver soccer balls were wedged underneath the High Line. What started as an assignment to make one video showing these balls coming to life in NY, turned into 5 videos, in 5 cities all over the world.




For this ambitious project we turned to Hati.Hati.Mas, a digital creator that typically uses the subway for all his executions, so this was a big departure for him.  Once his eyes adjusted to the natural light, he was totally on board, and totally nailed the executions.

To capture the base footage of the five locations, we worked with a production team to film the Arc de Triomphe from a tour bus, Leadenhall market in London, Old City in Shanghai, even Fenty Founder’s childhood home in Barbados.

Despite the very tight timeline the project is a massive success. The project is getting lots of love on social media, even getting picked up by HypeBeast and Complex. We think someone is probably writing a song about Hati.Hati.Mas as we speak. We can dream after all.


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