December 17 | 2015

Flashy Balls will save your Christmas

Christmas. The time of the year when we gather with our family, friends and colleagues to feast on delicious meals, enjoy too many beverages and bring old traditions back to life.


But underneath, lies a bigger truth. An ugly, shameful truth. Fake smiles to dramatic presents, eyes half-opened listening to boring stories and embarrassing outfits to please the theme of the host. That would all be just fine if we weren’t living in the image era. Before you know, you might be in every social network, tagged on that picture sipping that cocktail dressed as a X-mas tree.


That’s just not acceptable.


So at SuperHeroes, we reflected upon that matter. Literally.


With reflective fabric for running shirts, reflective striping on sneakers and reflective spray paint for bikes, 2015 definitely was a year of reflection. That’s why we took reflective material from under the tree to in the tree with the Flashy Balls. A helpful gift that lets you hide those shameful moments, just by reflecting a blinding light when photographed with a flash.


Now, you’re free of shame. Congratulations.


Merry Flashy Balls




Booklet - Final - Print Ready - 2015.12.11



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