May 16 | 2017

From Dude to Diva

With the new Air Plates from Remington, world’s first hair straightener with suspended plates, you can transform yourself in any look you desire. In our brand new campaign we transformed an innocent model into 4 pop divas, to show: you truly can create any hairdo you dream of with this styling product! The 4 popdiva looks were captured by fashion photographer Colin Hill.


Who doesn’t like to go all out for a night out? During these moments, your inner star comes out right?! For the biggest effect, we chose a male model. For the element of surprise we didn’t tell him what we would do to him that day…



Ultimate makeover

The perfect team was invited to transform our model Joep: hair stylist Floor Kleyne who works for ELLE and Cosmopolitan. Make up artist Yo-Kaw Pat, who works for several brands and magazines and blogs for Vogue. And fashion stylist Inez Noami, who you may know from her work in Glamcult and Sicky Magazine.


The new campaign consists of 4 fashion portraits, a video and social media content that includes short videos, behind the scenes footage, timelapse videos and blooper material.


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