December 16 | 2020

Grab the fire extinguisher! Laura Kampf and Adam Savage unveil their good luck 2021 machine

Can we all agree that the year 2020 was an absolute dumpster fire? YouTube Inventor Laura Kampf and iconic Mythbuster Adam Savage have teamed up to create Fire Up 2021, an Internet-connected wheel of flames that fights fire with fire, and brings a little extra good luck to 2021.


This is all part of Lenovo and Intel’s #ForAllofUsFridays campaign which aims to bring the magic back to your weekend with a weekly series of Friday based events. Along with creative agency SuperHeroes, they have teamed up with the ambitious duo who revealed this flammable invention live on Laura Kampf’s Youtube channel.

Live audience tweeted #2021 to control the machine
The propeller-like construction features a 1-meter long arm affixed with steel wool, which bursts into flames shooting sparks up to 30 meters away. Powering the machine is a very capable 3 phase 2.8 HP motor, and your positive tweets about 2021. “It’s easy to be pessimistic about 2020, but 2021 is a fresh slate, so we wanted people to tap into that optimism and tweet something they’re looking forward to,” says Kampf

As more tweets with the hashtag #2021 poured in, the faster the propeller blade spins, ultimately igniting the steel wool and turning your tweets about 2021 into a spinning fire display that symbolizes excitement for the new year. 

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