November 20 | 2020

Grammy winner Jacob Collier and TikTok star Nathan Davis Jr debut “Friday Feeling” and it’s impossible not to hum along

What happens when you bring a TikTok juggernaut and a 4-time Grammy winner together? That’s the recipe for Lenovo and Intel’s first episode of #ForAllofUsFridays. This weekly series, developed by SuperHeroes, gives an online audience a chance to engage with some of the most intriguing characters across the internet. The result: a captivating theme song called ‘Friday Feeling’, that keeps going around and around in our head all day.

“3..2…1 ok we’re live on TikTok”

Prodigy, musical genius, extraordinary talent…these are the typical descriptions that 26 year old and 4-time Grammy winner Jacob Collier gets tagged with. Perhaps even more impressive than his musical talent, is his ability to share this gift with others. He’s the ultimate collaborator, offering pitch perfect harmonies, or a well placed bass riff that turns a melody into a symphony. That’s exactly what he did in a TikTok live performance with Nathan Davis Jr, a TikTok superstar and musical sensation in his own right. 


@jacobcollier@nathandavisjrndj joined me live on Tik Tok to create a theme song for ##ForAllOfUsFridays. To all who stopped by – thank you!! ##lenovoyoga ##intelevo♬ original sound – Jacob Collier


@nathandavisjrndjI CANT BELIEVE SHE SAID THAT😱 (Should I give it to her?) New Friday song w/ @jacobcollier ##forallofusfridays ##lenovoyoga ##intelevo ##laptop ##hotel♬ original sound – NDJ


Finding that Friday Feeling

The performance kicks off with creating a theme song for #ForAllofUsFridays, a 5-week campaign of Friday based events that aims at bringing the magic back to your weekend. What may be a TikTok first, the pair both went live on their TikToks and created a song together with the help of lyrical and instrumental suggestions from their live audiences. What followed was an entertaining hour-long performance and musical odyssey in search of the perfect song that captures that Friday feeling. 


Building off the “For All of Us” global campaign

An Instagram Remote Red Carpet for the stylish, a TikTok Sitcom for the ambitious, or a YouTube Trivia Night for the competitive: #ForAllofUsFridays creates exclusive experiences that celebrate the different personality traits of our audience. The starting point is Lenovo Yoga’s new “For All of Us” campaign, which celebrates all of humanity’s unique traits and even the flaws. It also showcases the recently launched breakthrough innovations of the Intel Evo platform.


@jacobcollier@NathanDavisjrndj and I will be delivering the funk this Friday with a live ##ForAllofUsFridays performance at 3PM EST / 8PM UK!♬ original sound – Jacob Collier


Got plans for the weekend? You do now.

To join for #ForAllofUs Fridays, check the calendar of events on

#ForAllofUsFridays gives you that Friday feeling again. Don’t miss out!


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