August 15 | 2011

Group Play: friends, colleagues and fellow heroes unite!

Playing together is much more fun than playing alone. And you’ll also have a much bigger chance on winning enough to buy yourself a new Batmobile!

The Staatsloterij (the Dutch State Lottery) is introducing a great new way of playing in the lottery: Group Play. Join in with your friends, colleagues or fellow heroes, and make sure you have all polished your lucky charms.

At SuperHeroes we have lately worked hard on the online introduction campaign of the new Group Play product. Above is a first short introductory film, but more will follow soon. We designed the new Group Play logo too by the way.

Also we have newly introduced Staatsloterij on Facebook, together with our new label Captain Action. One of the features is a group name generator. For those in need for some creative help…

In this project we’ve formed an ad group with with Doom & Dickson, Flink and Bone.

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