September 18 | 2019

Hacking Milan Fashion Week for Quinny

When your millennial audience of young parents rather talks fashion than prams, what do you do as a stroller brand? You launch your new collection of colourful urban strollers in the epicentre of style: Milan, during Milan Fashion Week 2019.



This week we re-introduced the Quinny brand with ‘Parenting Couture’. A capsule collection of 5 brilliantly designed pieces by Dutch fashion designer Marlou Breuls. Each and every garment based on experiences and insights of real parents.


It consists of The Power Nap Dress, a beautiful dress that will let you take a nap after a rough night with your little one. There’s a multi-pocket jumpsuit to carry tons of items you can’t leave home without. Fathers will be pleased to finally have a business suit with the stains already on it. Or how about the Toy Carpet Dress? To get some playtime for yourself in return with your kid playing around with your dress.


The pieces got all eyeballs on the catwalk, on which the models then naturally showcased the new colourful NxtGen strollers by Quinny. Milan loved it. And now it’s up to all you hot mamas and fancy papas to decide. There’s way more to come from us with love for Quinny. Keep an eye and follow Quinny here.









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