December 1 | 2015

Hello Edward: Changing the Face of Augmented reality


When Asus asked us to make an engaging promotional video for their latest 2-in-1 device, no one could have predicted we’d end up reinventing augmented reality. But with a bit of technical wizardry from digital production outfits, MiniVegas and Magic Bullet, we built an exciting new AR app that combines our favourite things: a hilarious bird with arms, and an AR experience that doesn’t require a deed to your house in order to work properly.


It’s AR without the hassle of printing or downloading markers.


Hello Edward is brilliantly simple to use. In fact, the whole experience is triggered by something everyone has, a face. Using the phone’s front camera we developed a face and shoulder detection algorithm that determines the location of the shoulder, allowing us to perfectly position everyone’s favorite bird with arms right on your shoulder.




Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 17.48.03


What could have been a typically boring product demo turned into a hilarious interactive experience featuring the feathery Asus spokesperson explaining his vision on the new ASUS Transformer Book T100HA, as he dances, juggles, flies his jetpack, and of course takes selfies. Dubbed the world’s first ‘interactive selfie cam AR experience’, the app, runs on Android and Windows. Unfortunately, Apple felt like it was a conflict of interest to include the app on their store, so that’s a bummer for all you iPhone users.


Also enjoy Edward’s promo video:


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