April 8 | 2010

Hello, I’m Ameli

I just arrived at SuperHeroes and now I want to know how to fly like a real superhero. A real superhero needs to have “extraordinary or superhuman powers”. Well I don’t know if I got that, but I know that I have a Hyper Island experience and also a working experience before, so my take off ground is stable.

I was born in the south of Sweden in a small town with 3000 inhabitants. This was way to small for me so the first thing I did when I turned 18 was to move to Gothenburg. I studied design and art in 4 years and after that I did some more moving and the next stop was Stockholm and started at the agency Dallas. I worked there as a designer and a motion Art Director. And after that I discover The Internetz and found that Hyper Island was the right place to be. A couple of months on frustration, goosebumps, beer, great weird people, feedback-sessions and some post-its notes later, I found SuperHeroes. So now I’m here and trying to find my “extraordinary or superhuman powers”.

Ameli’s portfolio is here.

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