January 25 | 2011

New hero: Hola Fred

So Fred, tell us something about yourself.

“I’m the newest addition to the SuperHeroes group – a newcomer to the team, backed by my experience developing superpowers. I have the ability to transmogrify one power into another, to mix them into hybrid powers; that’s what makes me a valuable asset to this crew.

So where does one gain said Superpowers? No idea. It seems some you work for, some come naturally. I come from the land of Mexico; a place with dry heat, mountainous valleys, and foods that make your tongue impervious to fire. I moved to the United States to pursue studies in Film and Motion Design; I found myself in the humid and Blues-riddled southern state of Georgia. After completing my studies I worked two years in New York as a Motion Designer and Line Producer.

When the time was ready to seek out new adventures, I came across SuperHeroes – almost as if by fate. By using the internet and high-powered space technology, SuperHeroes and I communicated back and forth transatlantically to see if we would connect and combine powers.
A few months later, here I am, transferred from New York City: the latest addition to the SuperHeroes.”

So this is Fred. Fred is amazing. And funny. And friendly. Plus extremely talented. Welcome Fred!

http://www.fredhuergo.com & http://fredhuergo.wordpress.com

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