June 12 | 2019

HOLLA Special: Meanwhile in China…


Limited seats left |||| register now! |||| Thursday 12th, 6-8pm


Did you know WeChat only serves only one or two ads a day? Facebook just announced that it is totally redesigning its platform and its Whatsapp/ Messenger services.

They will probably have to: WeChat is moving into Europe, and that won’t go by unnoticed…


We have a few spots left for our HOLLA SPECIAL tomorrow, focusing on how WeChat is impacting modern-day commerce.


For many Chinese people, WeChat has in no time become a way of living. It is more than a social messaging network: it’s a payment system, a shopping platform, a news service, a transport gateway, and so on. The service is transforming every sector of the economy, from fashion to travel to education.


Feel scared and inspired

This HOLLA we will dive deep into WeChat to get inspired and be prepared:

  • What is WeChat and what is its impact?
  • What does it mean for Western brands?
  • What are the business opportunities?
  • How will it impact Facebook/Instagram/ Google?

Special guest of the evening is Nextport China (specialized in WeChat marketing). And like with every HOLLA, we also open up to having a proper debate.


Join the session & RSVP to !


Thursday, June 13

6.00 – 8.00 PM

SuperHeroes Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 585

Drinks and snacks included.


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