June 24 | 2019

“I love the internet, especially when it doesn’t take itself too seriously”

Rogier Vijverberg of international creative agency SuperHeroes was the curator of ‘Random Pic(k) Of The Day For A Week’.



For a year now, Nils Adriaans has been asking people who work in the advertising industry to curate his column ‘Random pic(k) of the day’ for a week. “I post a visual/film/music video/poem of his or her choice and a brief explanation on why they chose the excerpt on my Facebook page.” Additionally, Nils has been gathering all the contributions of his curators on Adformatie every Friday.


This week, Rogier Vijverberg, ECD and co-founder of SuperHeroes Amsterdam / New York / Shanghai (the only Dutch international creative agency), was the curator for the week.

“Back in the day, before we had three hours of screen time on our hands, the Internet was our main source of interactive entertainment. We’ve lost it a bit in the frenzy of Instagram and YouTube, but I still love the internet. And certainly when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Forget all the crazy internet and hateful comments or the deadline that is waiting. Just randomly click on a couple of buttons for 5 minutes. Or you know what, slap someone in the face with an eel? That’s great. I’ve chosen a few of my personal Internet favorites over the years.”


Here are the five contributions from Vijverberg:


1. Like fish?


Eel slap.




2. It’s way more fun to find what you absolutely don’t need 


You can go to bol.com or Coolblue.nl and find what you probably need. But it’s way more fun to find what you absolutely don’t need. The website thisiswhyimbroke.com is full of useless gadgets and freaky products.




3. Google for pointless websites


If you don’t feel like searching for useless things, there’s luckily also a Google for pointless websites. Click on the Bored Button and see hundreds of interactive websites.

Disclaimer: it’s addictive, sorry.




4. Infinite viewing pleasure


Okay, this one’s a little more serious. There’s a lot disappearing from the Internet, but Archive.org is our collective Internet memory. The Prelinger Archives is part of the website. Here you’ll find thousands of American videos from 1903 ’til the present day. And not just the famous blockbusters, but everything. From home movies and government movies to old road trips. Infinite viewing pleasure.




5. Rafaël Rozendaal


Rafaël Rozendaal has been my favorite web artist for years now. Websites as colorful artworks in which you can lose yourself for a while, but also legendary guilty pleasures such as Paper Toilet. He now builds interactive installations all over the world, but also remains true to his roots. Check his latest work here: Some Still.






Originally published on Adformatie.


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