October 20 | 2023

IFAW launches a playful, purpose-driven campaign

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and SuperHeroes Amsterdam, the creative agency saving the world from boring advertising, join forces for a creative campaign that calls on people to prepare for disasters with their pets.

During the month of October, in conjunction with International Disaster Risk Reduction Day on Friday the 13th, IFAW is calling on people and governments to prepare themselves and their pets for disasters. To raise awareness and get pet owners ready for any potential disasters that may occur, IFAW has imagined what pets might pack for themselves if a disaster were to occur.  

And of course, all they think about is tennis balls, scratch poles, rubber bones, balls of yarn… As innocent as they are, they clearly don’t know how to pack for a disaster. This is where their owners must help. 


It’s a serious cause that is unfortunately concerning more people and pets, but we believe a light hearted tone was necessary to really catch people’s attention and drive home the crucial educational message. This campaign is a powerful demonstration of how AI and technology can enhance creative output and art direction in projects that make a real difference, says Craig Miles, Creative Director,  SuperHeroes. 

The campaign comes to life through social media, in images created and powered by Midjourney – generative AI platform; as well as through interactive billboards powered by SuperHeroes’ Digital Outdoor Display Interface (DODI), where passersby can test their own packing skills on their smartphones to help pets pack the truly necessary items in case of a disaster. 




SuperHeroes has put a brilliant, fun spin on it and enables people who are waiting for a train, bus or metro, to play a cool game and see how successful they are at packing a disaster kit,” says Annelyn Close, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, IFAW, Netherlands. 

The OOH campaign activated across Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam Metro Vijzelgracht. Media placements were made possible in collaboration with SuperHeroes’ longstanding media partner, CS Digital Media.


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