March 14 | 2017

This 3D audio podcast gets into your head


For ING, we just launched an innovative 3D audio podcast. It brings you right to the middle of a football pitch and into the secret corners of the Rijksmuseum. ING is highly involved in social initiatives that help move the country forwards. To support these initiatives, SuperHeroes Amsterdam created a podcast series called ‘Koplopers’ in collaboration with sound studio Big Orange.


Every episode highlights a special story behind a social initiative. We for instance visit the renovators of Rembrandts’ famous Marten and Oopjen paintings with the researchers of the Rijksmuseum. Another episode tells the story of a musician who helps demented elderly by reminiscing memories through sounds.


‘Koplopers’ is the first ever podcast that has been recorded with binaural audio. With this technique sounds are registered like every human receives them. By simply wearing headphones or earplugs you’re experiencing the story as if you’re actually part of it.


Curious? Put on your headphones and listen to the first four episodes:

Episode 1Everyone sports at Only Friends

Episode 2Marten en Oopjen at home in the Rijksmuseum

Episode 3This is how memories sound like at Klankspoor

Episode 4The dream jobs at Emma At Work


The podcast series can be found on and soon also on iTunes. 





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