August 17 | 2023

SuperHeroes launches ‘JIMMY’ – the world’s first Digital Street Art Studio

Fantastical images of shapeshifting skyscrapers, snakes taking over train stations, luxury bags flying over streets, a NYC bodega blasting off and taking flight into the air, are part of a growing invasion of mixed reality art that is capturing the imagination of brands and consumers.

To leverage this growing new art form, SuperHeroes agency is launching ‘JIMMY’ (– a collective of digital street artists that it has recruited to bring new life to advertising across social channels. JIMMY artists will work for brands and companies looking to create novel marketing experiences.


JIMMY is already working with SuperHeroes client Lenovo for which it is developing a series of mixed reality digital street art films and videos to promote the Lenovo Yoga laptop series. The collective has also secured work for a number of other brands that will launch in September. 

“Advertising today is more and more about thumb-stopping – getting your audience to stop scrolling through their pages and pay attention,” explained Rogier Vijverberg, Founder and Chief Creative Hero at SuperHeroes. “Digital street art is an emerging field that looks at the whole world as an open canvas to create imagery and movement that surprises, delights and offers brands a new way to break through the digital and social noise.”

The JIMMY collective includes artists in the mixed reality street art genre who have big followings on social media and projects that range from sneaker drops, store activations, tourism campaigns to fashion shows. The JIMMY artists include @hati.hati.mas, @Shanef 3d, @marblemannequin, @mreGFX, @shutterauthority, @3Dfiti, @djbehar and @camylbuena.


“I believe brands are eager to tap into this new medium, especially for advertising. It stands out as one of the most engaging forms of communication online and resonates strongly with social media trends. There’s an abundance of ways to authentically express and showcase their products or services using this art form”, says creator Camyl Buena. “I joined JIMMY because I genuinely believe that mixed reality and digital street art represent the future of digital marketing.”


As an emerging field, mixed reality digital art presents opportunities for brands to stand out on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or in out-of-home. The JIMMY artists build their work from client briefings, and can be strategically and/or creatively supported by SuperHeroes.

“Creativity is getting a refresh with an amazing array of new tools that range from AI powered solutions to 3D-video capture on your smartphone,” explained Vijverberg. “The JIMMY creators use the world as their creative canvas and we have seen impressive results with our Lenovo Yoga campaigns, in terms of reach, engagement and brand lift. And you know, all of this has only just begun.” 


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