June 25 | 2013

Keynote at Cannes Lions

Last week we flexed our SuperHero muscles at the Cannes Lions by being featured on Be-On’s keynote speech on Measuring Emotions.

What is this about measuring emotions, do we use that to save the day?

In a nutshell, our latest viral for ‘STAGE FRIGHT -So Real It’s Scary II‘ for LG has been pretested with very innovative emotion detection software, using a webcam to actually read emotions connected to the film to the second.

We are proud to present this clip of the keynote, where they explain the effectiveness of the ad and its peak moments, as well as explaining how users will voluntarily connect with viral videos and their emotional responses.

Our LG film performed extremely well, outperforming 92% of all virals, and being also tested against viral hits from the past. The audience response proves the results!
There’s a lot to tell on this subject – our creative strategist Felipe is happy to tell you more about it. 

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