January 28 | 2016

Kinki Kappers will get a fresh new cut

We are happy to announce that we just started working for Kinki Kappers, the Dutch chain of pretty creative hairdressers.


Kinki selected us after a pitch phase with 3 agencies, Mark Melief, Creative Director of Kinki Kappers: “We noticed that SuperHeroes had the relevant experience during the first orientation phase. After seeing their concept, the ideas became more alive with our franchise partners.”


Kinki Kappers was founded during the roaring 80’s and now have even more than 40 outlets in the Netherlands. Our Creative Director Niek added that “in this visual era, we see Kinki Kappers as a trendsetting brand. And for 2016 we’re going to create a statement for Kinki Kappers that will resonate to all those creative people that surround the brand.”


Curious to see which haircuts our SuperHero team will get? Follow us on our social channels and be surprised!






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