September 23 | 2020

Lenovo YOGA ‘For All of US’ – New Campaign Celebrating Humanity’s Differences

Today we launch a brand new global campaign for Lenovo’s YOGA. This is the press release!

People are fascinating. We launch rockets to Mars but also forget our passwords. We can be inventive and ambitious, and lazy at the same time. In their new campaign, Lenovo demonstrates how they can pair customers’ unique human traits with innovative technology that allows us to always be at our best. In the company’s latest Yoga PC line-up, Lenovo and SuperHeroes teamed up for the global campaign showing how Yoga is made ‘For All of Us’.

“Where most technology brands are celebrating some extreme versions of human achievement, we’re taking a more authentic approach. The traits we share, the feats we achieve and the flaws that we shouldn’t hide,” says Rogier Vijverberg, Founder & ECD at SuperHeroes. “We wanted to celebrate how unique each of us are and how technology can help us be our best self.”  The campaign films are directed by Martin Aamund from Hobby Film, known for his award-winning mix of beauty and naturalism with humor and oddity. 


Creating an Emotional Connection

Lenovo has established Yoga as a premium consumer sub-brand in the PC market, but wanted to show empathy for people’s unique goals and flaws. The aim is to transform Yoga into a powerful story that engages consumers across touch points. “Modern marketing needs a strong and long-lasting emotional connection. For Lenovo Yoga, instead of the usual product speeds and feeds from other technology marketing campaigns out there, we wanted to add fresh energy into the category, showcasing Lenovo’s human design approach to our premium Yoga line-up,” says Matt Bereda, Vice President of Global Consumer Marketing for Lenovo’s PCs and Smart Devices business.

A big part of our goal was to show diversity and inclusion in gender, ethnicity, personality traits and more that make us all unique. Disruptive and of-the-moment, we’re confident the campaign will put Yoga in a position to succeed.”

Shooting a global campaign in COVID times

“We won the global lead role after a pitch in a time when Beijing was already in lockdown and Europe and the US were soon following. Producing a campaign in COVID times was indeed challenging, but also super energizing and made for a truly global collaboration,” says Niels Straatsma, creative director. With SuperHeroes’ AMS and NYC offices, and Lenovo’s team from Europe, Asia and the US all working closely together, the work was ultimately shot in Copenhagen, one of the few places still open to film productions at the time. 

“We also had to take unique steps to ensure we were compliant with global and local regulations and overcome the constraints on global travel.1 For the first time, we live streamed the camera recording to all of the remote stakeholders.”  Participants in the US, the Netherlands and China watched in real-time and were able to stay informed and immediately give input.

Lenovo YOGA For All of US

The global campaign aims at establishing Yoga as the obvious choice in the premium consumer laptop category and is released in 11 markets including North America, Europe, China, Latin America and Asia Pacific. It features a wide range of digital and TV materials, as well as OOH and retail assets. See more of the product on

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