November 12 | 2012

LG Say Cheese!

We tried and tried so hard…Avoiding the SuperHero-theme in our concepts isn’t that easy. This time we couldn’t resist….finally our SuperHeroes could show off!

Hanging upside down is the latest trend on internet…hang like a bat and make a picture,
preferable in public. With the new LG Optimus L9 smartphone, you make a photo just by saying CHEESE!

We were briefed by LG to show in what situations you could really use this new feature of the L9.
We developed a TVcommercial, outdoor-communications and in-store material where you see a girl happily hanging upside down in different locations, saying CHEESE to her phone. And click!, there is the photo.

TVC Production & Post Production: De Filmwinkel
Director & Photography: Erik Hijweege
Sound: Friendly Fire

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