October 23 | 2012

LG So Real It’s Scary

Stepping into the elevator for another mundane day at work, a handful of unsuspecting office-workers get the surprise of their lives…

Shooting away into oblivion revealing the lift shaft below, the elevator floor crumbles beneath their feet in a split second of weightlessness freefall. Stomach and heart battle with bulging eyes and pelvic floor muscles for control of bladder as they wonder… ‘What the hell just happened?!’*

SuperHeroes were briefed with the ultimate challenge from LG: present the perfect quality resolution and lifelike colors of the new IPS monitors to the world, using nothing but a screen.

Published on 19th October 2012 via YouTube, the video has racked up more than 800,000 views as a global internet sensation in only just three days. And we’re still counting…

UPDATE 26th of October: wow, unbelievable, more than 11 MILLION VIEWS in ONE WEEK!! Plus TV screenings all over the world, from Good Morning America, Today Show, ITV, RTL, Chinese CCTV to Korean channels: it’s truly amazing :).

About IPS:

Previously exclusive to professional designers with big budgets, the IPS (In Plane Switching) technology is now available to consumers, with LG leading the revolution. Perfect image quality, no matter which angle you’re watching from – so real it’s scary.

For more info about IPS: www.whyips.nl

*NB: All participants were debriefed after their traumatic encounter and we’re pleased to reveal the majority show no signs of permanent devastation.

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