April 17 | 2013

LG Stage Fright: So Real It’s Scary 2

After the amazing success of the LG So Real It’s Scary film (with to date an accumulated 20+ million views…) we SuperHeroes got the scary task to develop the successor. And here it is! Again under the umbrella of So Real It’s Scary, we proudly present STAGE FRIGHT…

The legend goes that a lot of men have issues in the men’s room when somebody is looking at them… So we spend two days in a men’s room in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam, treating unsuspecting men to a very special challenge. Will they be able to fight their stage fright?

The psycho-physical experiment is demonstrating just how lifelike the image quality of the new IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitors is. So lifelike, it even influences men’s physical abilities…

Within two days after launch the new film already got over 350.000 views on YouTube. Seems like we’ve got another smash hit :).

UPDATE APRIL 23: we’ve passed the 2,5 million views… in only one week!

UPDATE MAY 23: more than 5 million views!!

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