November 9 | 2016

Long & Cynthia: finalists in Creative Press Challenge!


Two young SuperHeroes save the world from plastic: what you can’t see CAN harm you.


Each year The Creative Press Challenge, an initiative from De Persgroep, organizes a creative competition, challenging young creatives in the advertising industry. For their 4th edition The Creative Press Challenge created a brief for the Plastic Soup Foundation; an organisation that tackles issues concerning plastic entering our body unnoticed.


The young creatives that entered The Creative Press Challenge had to come up with a newspaper ad which made people more aware of the Plastic Soup Foundation. The message had to be positive, energetic, a tad bit rebellious, but most of all; reliable.


Our two young SuperHeroes Long and Cynthia signed up for the challenge and created an idea which made people think. Simplicity and a powerful message were the key ingredients that led to their success.





The three best ideas will be produced together with De Persgroep: the jury will eventually choose the winner from these three produced ads. The winning ad will be in de Volkskrant, together with an exclusive interview and will also be sent to Cannes.




As the Creative Press Challenge likes to say: “Bad ideas can’t hide in print and good ideas deserve to shine”.


May the best ad win!

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