February 11 | 2022

LYNX brokers picks SuperHeroes Amsterdam for first European brand campaign

Leading broker invites consumers to level up when they are ready

Online trading is booming and competition is more fierce than ever. To reach this new audience, LYNX, one of Europe’s leading online brokers, has teamed up with SuperHeroes Amsterdam to help them move away from product promotion and launch their first ever brand campaign.

LYNX offers an extensive trading platform which is perfect for serious investors who feel like they’ve outgrown their current broker. To communicate this, the campaign highlights playful moments when people have outgrown a situation and are ready to level up.

“This campaign is for those who experience limitations with their current brokers. A large man trying to squeeze into a tiny car, an ambitious equestrian on a mini horse, the eye-catching metaphors all lead back to the simple message: LYNX is there for you when you’re ready to level up”, says Klaus Schulz, CMO of LYNX.



LYNX’ very first brand campaign introduced itself ​​through a series of short (15+6 sec) online videos and social assets. Each representing people that are ready to level up; from an ambitious equestrian on a mini horse in front of a high hurdle, to witty takes on trading situations. Together with a set of ‘morphs’, where the levelling up is shown, LYNX is ready to take their customers to the next level.
The campaign is now being launched in 4 markets: Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Czech Republic. The rest of the markets will follow soon.


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