October 20 | 2017

Swimming with virtual sharks

Always wanted to swim with white sharks, but can’t afford a ticket to South Africa? Or you’re simply too terrified? Well, don’t worry any longer: you can now encounter a great white while floating in clean chlorinated water… 



The technical creators at our sister agency Magic Bullet developed Europe’s first underwater VR glasses for Vodafone, together with Glasnost. They created a floating buoy with animated leds and 4G, and connected it to a 3d-printed special underwater pair of VR glasses.


‘Awesome, super cool, bizarre’. 

The most daring part was an underwater 360 video, that was shot in South Africa. This 360 movie was then streamed onto a set of VR goggles, to a diver submerged underwater in the swimming pool. Check out the film to see the result!




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