May 30 | 2014

MarCom14 Conference

The Innovation Culture: Don’t think of the future, develop it.

The subject our SuperHero Creative Strategist Felipe Câmara has chosen for his main stage slot at this year’s MarCom conference in Amsterdam.

On 3-4 June 2014 marketing and communication industry professionals come together to be wowed by the latest gadgets, innovations and ideas. There is also space to share knowledge, with topics such as strategy, digital, e-commerce, innovation, technology and mobile, tackled by those in the know how.

With digital innovation developing as one of the cornerstones of today’s society, the challenge of being the innovative trailblazer has grown. We cannot predict the future, but we can develop it. What will be your role in the innovation culture? Felipe argues that in order to become, and stay, the frontrunner in any industry it’s vital to nurture a culture of innovation within your company.
How do you stimulate people to think about tomorrow, think of ideas and make them happen?

We nurture our own innovation culture here with our SuperHeroes lab. Dedicated time is set aside for our Freaky Friday sessions, the brain child set up to inspire the office to develop the next innovative gadget, app or installation. With so many digital minds coming together, it’s not wonder we already have some very exciting new SuperHero projects in the pipeline!

We also love to invite outside inspiration into the office, to feed our insatiable appetite for new insights.  At least once a month we invite a fellow creative, designer, or innovator into our hideout to share their projects, knowledge, and theories with us. Have an exciting project your working on? Why not get in contact and be our next inspirational speaker! Send us an email:

You can hear Felipe’s thoughts at the conference on 4th June 2014 11:25 – 11:55 on the ADFO main stage.

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