March 4 | 2022


What on earth is DODI? It stands for Digital Outdoor Display Interface but that is a big mouthful so… meet DODI! Turn any digital billboard into an interactive environment with your smartphone as its interface for unparalleled and unique brand interactions.



COVID has largely impacted the way consumers travel and move around, and traditional DOOH advertising no longer has the impact that it used to have. DODI is our answer to this. Developed entirely in-house, it is a scalable cloud-based software that aims to refresh and increase the stopping power of DOOH advertising and create engagement, particularly in a COVID-proof way.



For Disney’s newest film-release, DODI premiered with an interactive game across Amsterdam Centraal station. More than just a trailer or a poster, we introduced the film with its iconic characters in an interactive game.



Transforming Amsterdam Centraal Station’s digital billboards into interactive gameplay stations, consumers were invited to scan a QR code which allowed them to play the game and get to know the protagonists of the film on their very own smartphones. The possibilities from DODI are truly endless – think gameplay, shopping, exclusive drops, sneak previews and more!

DODI is an open platform that can be used by any brand and any media outdoor advertising company. Just drop us a line for more info!

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