December 23 | 2014

Over 19 million Modern Birds!

Our modern birds have spread their wings and have flown all across the world! That’s already more than 19 million views… And what’s especially cool about our tufted titmouse Edward is that this wasn’t accomplished with just one central film: this time we released a film in a great number of languages, to straight away get local Christmas shopping traction.

The birds have taken flight

From the Emirates, Taiwan, Brazil to France, Spain, Germany and Italy: Edward seems to have quite the knack for language. It does raise ample questions about the contemporary definition of virality (decentralized virality?)

Aside from feverishly following the responses to the campaign, we’ve had an amazing time listening to all the new voices for our avian superstar being put up around the world. Here’s some versions for you to enjoy:

German : Der modernste Vogel der Welt

Italian : Scopri Edward il più grande fan del T100

Brazilian (Portugese) Pássaros modernos

French Rencontrez Edouard, un oiseau moderne




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