November 10 | 2023

Mr. Pickles Gin arrives on the scene with a “Stupid Good” campaign

Heads will turn and tails will wag. That’s the concept of the launch campaign for Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin which has named independent Brooklyn agency SuperHeroes, AOR for the brand.  Mr. Pickles is a new entry in the Gin market, named after the master distiller Ben Green’s rescue pitbull, whose face adorns a fancifull blue-tinged bottle arrayed with flowers and botanicals. 

Mr. Pickles launch campaign kicks off with its official sponsorship of the 2023 Biofreeze USA Pickleball national Championships taking place in Dallas, November 5 – 12th. 

“All of us have watched Mr. Pickles derive enjoyment from just the most simple things in life,” said Tim Nicholls of Wolf Spirit. “He was and is our inspiration for a campaign that expertly captures Mr. Pickles’ tail-wagging optimism with a brand look and voice that is a bit clever and irreverent while also celebrating great taste and drinkability.” 

The work from SuperHeroes introduces the tagline “Stupid Good Gin,” while showcasing the brand as “seriously good gin that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” 


Mr.Pickles image


“No one wants another snooty gin,” explained Rogier Vijverberg, Chief Creative Hero at SuperHeroes. “We saw an opportunity to take a fun approach that builds off of every dog’s innate playfulness with ads and social posts that leverage the brand’s name and its namesake.”

Leaning into the irreverence of the bottle design, SuperHeroes devised the brand look and feel, from color scheme to typography to punctuation, because, as Vijverberg notes “sometimes we all need a little guidance on when and where not to use double exclamation points (hint: never).” Along with brand guidelines, SuperHeroes also produced social, digital, and retail assets, along with a 15-second tongue-in-cheek spot that will run on The Tennis Channel and ESPN2 during the Pickleball Championship. 


In conjunction with the national television campaign, Mr. Pickles will let people get up close and personal during a consumer experience at the tournament on “Pickleball Boulevard” – the entertainment hub of the Pickleball Championship. Two-legged fans can lap up two themed cocktails called “The Pickleball” and “The Belly Rub.” And if drinking up a Belly Rub doesn’t quite itch that scratch, Mr. Pickles has you covered – there will also be an actual “belly rub” machine that SuperHeroes discovered and is stationed at Mr. Pickles’ booth. Because we all need a little lovin’ sometimes. 

Mr. Pickles is a smooth, premium international style gin that reflects the personality of the distillery’s gregarious mascot and Oregon’s majestic mountains. 

Distilled under watchful (yet often dozing off) canine eyes, Mr. Pickles is born from 100% soft, white winter wheat, mono-sourced just down the road at the Camas Country Mill. The exceptionally soft base spirit is triple distilled with the final distillation including a vapor basket to introduce the botanicals. It leads with the same enlivening juniper notes you might encounter on a hike to majestic Mount Hood, which are quickly softened by 11 other botanicals, including sencha green tea, blood orange, pink peppercorns, and marshmallow root, revealing an approachable, aromatic, and sweet spirit reminiscent of Cascade Mountains meadows.


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